Pigmentan | General Industrial Coatings – Solvent borne
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General Industrial Coatings – Solvent borne

Pigmentan products 465M, E and EM are successfully used in solvent borne general industrial coatings at lower loading than existing anticorrosion pigments with better resistance to corrosion and lower cost on steel, aluminum and galvanized steel.


Pigmentan products are efficiently used in short, medium and long oil alkyd based primers and phenolic or styrene modified alkyd Direct to Metal (DTM) coatings as well as in vinyl and acrylic coatings.


As a general recommendation, replacement loading for Pigmentan 465M is of 40 to 60% by weight of zinc phosphate or modified zinc phosphates. Pigmentan E can replace them at 20 to 50% of the original loading while Pigmentan EM is a good replacement for zinc phosphate in the ratio 1:1 by weight for loadings up to 10% by weight of the total formulation.


In new formulations the recommend loading of Pigmentan 465M is 2.5-4 % by weight on the total formulation and 1.5 to 3 % by weight of Pigmentan E. (Referring to formulation with 40-50% Non Volatiles by Volume).


It is important to consider the Acid Number of the alkyd in use. It is not recommended to use an alkyd with Acid Number higher than 20 without proper compensation and it is advisable to add 0.25%wt of a neutralizing amine like TEA or AMP to stabilize the system.