Pigmentan | General Industrial Coatings – Water borne
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General Industrial Coatings – Water borne

For water based systems of all types, Pigmentan EA is the recommended product – with approved high performance and anticorrosion capability in styrene acrylic, acrylic and various alkyd emulsions as well as in neutralized water based alkyds and water based epoxy systems.


In water based coatings, formulations must be adjusted by using carefully selected dispersants and other ingredients in order to deal with the basic nature of Pigmentan EA which, otherwise, may lead to viscosity increase and stability problems as can happen with other basic pigments.


Several examples of such solutions are depicted in our starting point formulations for water based systems for general industrial applications.


A novel solution provided by Pigmentan Ltd. is Pigmentan EA-Paste which is a 50% concentrate of Pigmentan EA with functional additives, enabling the user to save dispersion energy by the simple mix-in addition of the concentrate into the coating while improving the overall performance of the coating