Pigmentan | Pigmentan E
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Pigmentan E

Non-Toxic Anticorrosive Pigment

Pigmentan E is a non-toxic anticorrosive pigment with high reactivity, and hence requiring very low loadings for effective corrosion control.
Pigmentan E is Zinc and Chrome free, and does not require hazardous labelling.



  • An off-white non-refractive anticorrosive pigment used in solvent based metal primers – alkyds, two-pack epoxy, and polyurethane.


  • A non-toxic substitute for zinc phosphate and chromate based compounds; it does not contain any heavy metals.


  • Provides excellent performance and cost effectiveness to the paint formulator, especially on ferrous metals as well as in wash primers and other aluminium primers.


  • High efficiency and low specific gravity saves 40-70% by weight of the existing anti-corrosive pigment loading in the paint formulation.