Pigmentan | Applications
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General Industrial Coatings – Solvent borne

Explore Pigmentan’s solutions for DIY, General Maintenance and Direct To Metal paints based on its Green and Cost Effective anticorrosive technology.


General Industrial Coatings – Water borne

Download Pigmentan’s set of recommendations to an efficient, cost effective and Zinc-Free solutions for Water Based Primers based on Acrylic emulsions, Epoxy and Alkyd resins.


Protective Coatings – Solvent and Water borne Epoxy Primers

Discover Pigmnetan’s solutions for Protective Coatings and Industrial Primers which offers a Chromate/Zinc free cost-effective solution


Wash/Etch Primers – Solvent & Water Based Wash Primers

An efficient substitution for Zinc Tetra Oxy Chromate formulation.


Coil Coatings

Explore Pigmentan formulations for Chromate-Free Coil Coatings primers.


Powder Coatings

Discover Pigmentan’s recommendations to enhance performance and reduce costs for Powder Coatings paints.