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New: Pigmentan CC

NEW: Pigmentan CC

Brand new and innovative for optimal results


Non-Toxic heavy metal free and zinc free Anticorrosive Pigment specially designed for thin-film Coil Coating primers,

in Polyester-Melamine & Polyester-Iso Cyanate systems.



  • Pigmentan CC proved to excel common non chrome anti corrosion pigments like Ca-Ion Exchanged Silica.


  • Suggested loading of this product is 3- 5% by weight on the total formulation. Further optimization recommended for specific substrate and requirements.


  • Careful choice of the blocked catalyst enables better adaptation of the formulation to specific substrates.


  • In blocked Iso cyanate systems non tin catalysts are recommended for use with Pigmentan.


  • Provides excellent performance and cost effectiveness to the paint formulator.


  • This product has small particle size (D99.9) <5 microns.