Pigmentan | Pigmentan EA
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Pigmentan EA

Environmentally Friendly Anticorrosive Pigment Suitable for Water Based Systems

Pigmentan EA is specifically designed to serve the growing needs for anti-corrosive pigments used in water based systems. This fast growing application is driven by the need to reduce solvent use, which contributes to air pollution and global warming.


Pigmentan EA is Zinc and Chrome free, and does not require hazardous labeling.



  • An off-white non-refractive anticorrosive pigment for metal primers, particularly emulsions and water based epoxy.


  • Provides excellent performance and cost effectiveness.


  • Designed to substitute basic and modified zinc phosphate and other anti-corrosive pigments in water based metal primers, mainly emulsions and 2 pack epoxy.


  • High efficiency and low specific gravity saves 30-40% by weight of the existing anti-corrosive pigment loading in the paint formulation.