Protective Coatings – Solvent and Water borne Epoxy Primers

Pigmentan 465MF and Pigmentan E are both very efficient corrosion inhibitors in solvent based epoxy primers, while Pigmentan E may be used in high performance water based epoxy primers.

Generally, the replacement loading for Pigmentan 465MF is 20 to 60% by weight of zinc phosphate or modified zinc phosphates. Pigmentan E should be used at 20 to 40% of the original loading.

In new formulations the recommended loading for good performance in general purpose epoxy primers is 6-7% by weight on the total formulation for Pigmentan 465M and 2.5-3.5% by weight on the total formulation for Pigmentan E. (assuming a formulation with 50-60% Non Volatiles by Volume).

It should be noted that in epoxy primers it is possible to incorporate Pigmentan E and 465M both in the Hardener (part B) and in the epoxy base (part A).

Pigmentan MZ may also be used in both solvent based and water based epoxy primers as cost effective and high performance replacements for standard zinc phosphate on a 1:1 basis.