Wash/Etch Primers – Solvent & Water based Wash Primers

In classical Wash Primer e.g. Mil Spec. 8514 (based on PVB and Phosphoric acid), the anticorrosion pigment is zinc chromate or zinc tetra-oxy-chromate.

Using Pigmentan provides non chromate 1K or 2K alternatives for wash primers that give an improved performance compared to chromate based wash primers (more than 2500 hours in Salt Spray and Humidity test).

Replacing Zinc-Tetra-oxy-Chromate by Pigmentan in Wash Primers and Etch Primers eliminates the need for toxic material and labeling, improves formulation costs without jeopardizing the formulations performance.

Pigmentan based wash primers, both solvent and water based, can be also used for replacing chromate or non-chromate chemical pretreatments for aluminum as well as on cold-rolled steel and electro-galvanized steel.