Pigmentan E


Pigmentan E is a non-toxic anticorrosive pigment with high reactivity, and hence requires very low loadings for effective corrosion control. Pigmentan E is Zinc and Chrome free, and does not require hazardous labelling.


A white non-refractive anticorrosive pigment used as a multi purpose corrosion inhibitor for metal primers based on alkyd, two-pack epoxy, polyurethane and polyester, in solvent-based systems.

Can be used to substitute zinc phosphate and chromate compounds at lower loadings by weight, providing superior protection for all metals.

Provides excellent and cost effective performance to the paint formulator.

An excellent non-toxic substitute for strontium and other chromate compounds in aluminium primers and wash primers, in addition to its high efficiency in primers for ferrous metals.

High efficiency leads to savings of 20-70% on existing anti-corrosive pigment loading in the paint formulation.