Pigmentan | Pigmentan 465M
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Pigmentan 465M

Premium Environmentally Friendly Anticorrosive Pigment for Solvent and Water Based Primers. Provides Excellent and Cost-Effective Performance.


Pigmentan 465M is a non-toxic anticorrosive pigment primarily used for solvent based primers.


Pigmentan 465M is Zinc and Chrome free, and does not require hazardous labelling.




  • A white non-refractive anticorrosive pigment used as a multi purpose corrosion inhibitor for metal primers based on alkyd, two-pack epoxy, polyurethane and polyester, in solvent-based systems.


  • Can be used to substitute zinc phosphate and chromate compounds at lower loadings by weight, providing superior protection for all metals.


  • Provides excellent and cost effective performance to the paint formulator.


  • An excellent non-toxic substitute for strontium and other chromate compounds in aluminium primers and wash primers, in addition to its high efficiency in primers for ferrous metals.


  • High efficiency leads to savings of 20-60% on existing anti-corrosive pigment loading in the paint formulation.